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Some clients and appearances have included Bill Romanowski, John Parella, S. Janikowski, Ryan Harris, Trace Armstrong, Marcus Knight, Phillip Buchannan, Jake Plummer, Napoleon Harris, Barry Sims, Dana Stubblefield, Jerry Rice, Brandon Lloyd, Jerry Porter, The Pkckett Racing Team, Paramount Pictures "The Longest Yard" with Adam Sandler, Brian Bosworth, Stone Cold Steve Austin & Burt Reynolds, Pro's vs. Joes TV Show, and more.  Affiliates include The Learning Annex, Fromer Instructor, Medical Exercise Specialists, ACEP, CNN Headline News, Spike TV, KTVU, AETV, Comcast Local, Sony Pictures and Happy Madison.

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Greg and Robert have begun, in the free videos, teaching key components for learning what to practice in your mental training for consistent top performances!


Discover amazing breakthroughs achieved with the Warburton's Winning System 


You will see an introduction to Warburton's Winning System...real help right now...revealing what, and how to, practice for your mental training.


Learn the sure-fire formula for building a championship vocabulary


You will learn the power of language as a key mental training tool. You will learn why your words/thoughts affect your sport performance because we think in words and our brain runs our body.

On Greg Warburton: Greg has worked with key players on their mental and emotional self-management training on 4 Division I National Championship teams in the past 8 years. "I chose to work with Greg when I was noticing a pattern in my athletic performance. For a stretch of my starts I would cruise through 5 innings then hit a wall and it began consuming my mind when I would reach that point in the game. Once I began working with Greg we were successfully able to train my self-talk and be honest with how I was feeling. We put a power statement in effect I said to myself every pitch and it definitely helped. Also, the tapping process was vital to me when I needed a tool to use in uncomfortable settings such as the Super Regionals or pitching in Omaha. It gave me a calming sensation, a chance to take good deep breaths and move past any injury or failure that's in the past. I undoubtedly feel like Greg's techniques were a big part of my success throughout the season." -  Division I college (true freshman) pitcher who tied for most wins (14 - 2) in the nation in 2013.

"Mental training is a big part of how I've gotten to the next level. I put the physical work in. I have always known something was missing. I've been working with Greg for a couple of years now and he has really helped me achieve to the next level."   Chad Hanke, Winner of two national wrestling championships and member of Team USA.

Little known secrets about using visualization in sport

You will learn advanced visualization technology that intensifies your experience for unparalleled results in sport performance. There are indeed little known keys for being successful with your visualization practice.

"Robert knows and understands an athlete's mind and body. He helps me recover faster, perform better and stay healthy. I view Robert as one of my secret weapons." - Bill Romanowski, Former NFL great and author